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Good location

Price point was right on Read moreJillian, Online Review

Had a lot of fun

Great place that hosted our family+dog perfectly. Will gladly come back again Read moreNathaniel, Online Review

Enjoyed staying here

The best part was that it was close enough within walking distance to town and also dog friendly! Read moreElysa, Online Review

We loved our stay

We loved our stay for the new years eve Read morePriyanka, Online Review

Great location and convenient!

Furniture and beds were extremely comfortable, and there were lots of extra pillows, blankets and other necessities we needed Read moreSam, Online Review

Very comfortable.

Very comfortable. Read moreAnonymous,

The house itself was great

We wound up here kind of by accident, and were so glad we did! Read moreJennifer, Online Review

We enjoyed our stay here.., was nice, quiet and comfortable stay.

We enjoyed our stay here.., was nice, quiet and comfortable stay. Read moreSavitha, Online Review

Relax and unwind!

This cottage is a great choice to get away from your everyday hectic life and get back to the simple pleasures of family and a beach. Read moreTammy,

Relaxed stay at Veranda beach

We had a great time at the resort. Loved the location and the scenery. Read moreAnonymous,

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Great place. Very well maintained. Lovely experience.

Great place. Very well maintained. Lovely experience. Read moreAnand, Online Review

a wonderful view

Delightful cottage with a wonderful view of the lake and valley! Read moreLaura, Online Review

Great Place!

Awesome little spot, not too far from Leavenworth. Clean and tidy made it feel like home. Read moreCody,

Clean with nicely updated kitchen

Great place to relax and enjoy what Leavenworth has to offer.

Short drive to downtown. Looking forward to our next visit. Read moreMinna,

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Fantastic home

The house was clean, adorable and well equipped Read moreHannah,

The place was perfect for us and our two year old.

The place was perfect for us and our two year old. It was very clean, nice kitchen and close to downtown. Read moreJessica, Online Review

Amazing cabin right on the river to relax and reset.

Very nice area and scenic drive from the cabin to downtown Leavenworth (about 30 minutes). We loved it! Read moreChris, Online Review

Very clean and great location.

Very clean and great location. Read moreAlex, Online Review

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