Surprising Vacation Rentals in Top Resorts.

Although timeshares have wilted compared to the flourishing vacation rental industry, a funny thing happened along the way.

Savvy guests have realized that timeshare condos can be rented just like any other vacation rental. They have full kitchens, nice bathrooms, and spacious bedrooms.

And better yet - they are located in real live full resorts that have a friendly front desk, pools, hot tubs, gyms, game rooms, stunning locations, and sometimes even restaurants and clubs.

Resorts can be found at golf courses, ski resorts, ocean fronts, and even in city urban locations. In fact, there are usually more quality timeshare type properties than generic vacation rental condos.

Guests can count on clean, comfy, and up to date accommodations. Often they have the prime spots within the best destinations.

No Strings Attached

Resort operators have to recognize changes in the marketplace. Guests do not have to sit through one of those heinous timeshare presentations. They can just come and rent and enjoy.

That is because today, many resorts have plenty of prime dates available for rent. They give rental guests the same careful service as they do to owners. No strings attached.

Guests who want superb service, clean homes, and the extra amenities of a resort, now have an ever widening choice from timeshare resorts anxious to have them stay.